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Cybersecurity & AI


AI is revolutionizing cybersecurity by analyzing huge volumes of risk data to accelerate response times and strengthen operational security even when resources are scarce.

We support you with globally recognized specialists in implementing these solutions in order to secure all of your data.

  • Our AI solutions for cybersecurity

As cyberattacks become increasingly complex, artificial intelligence (AI) is helping under-resourced security analysts overcome threats. Drawing on threat intelligence from millions of studies, blogs and articles, AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing quickly provide the means to identify real threats and significantly reduce response time.

  • AI is always learning

Artificial intelligence analyzes billions of data points to better “understand” cybersecurity threats and cyber risks.

  • AI reasoning quickly identifies threats

AI only needs seconds or minutes to analyze the relationship between threats such as malicious files, suspicious IP addresses or insider threats.

  • AI eliminates time-consuming tasks

AI provides curated risk analysis, enabling security analysts to make critical decisions and respond to threats more quickly.

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