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Welcome to Human AI

My name is Jérôme Ribeiro, president and founder of Human AI.

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My story

My journey began on the rugby fields when I was six years old, a founding experience for my vision of life and work. Rugby was more than a sport for me, it was a real school of life, teaching me the importance of listening, respect, team spirit, and the essential role of each individual in the within a group.

This experience, where the diversity of talents was the key to the strength of a team, greatly influenced my professional vision. A business school graduate, I quickly progressed in the telecommunications sector, working closely with top management and developing a keen understanding of business strategy. There I acquired expertise in commercial strategy and business development, with a 360-degree global vision.


A decisive meeting guided me towards my current mission, to raise awareness and educate the general public, students, entrepreneurs and institutions about the challenges of artificial intelligence (AI), by promoting an ethical, inclusive and responsible approach.


Passionate about ethics in AI, I have collaborated with international experts in this field.


Human AIwas born from a desire to fill a void: the absence of suitable tools and training allowing every citizen of the world to actively participate in the artificial intelligence revolution. I am deeply convinced that, by leveraging our human capabilities and stimulating our creativity, while providing adequate resources and training, we can successfully carry out our mission.


By aligning AI with the Sustainable Development Goals, we are transforming this technology into a powerful lever in the service of humanity. In this way, we pave the way for each individual to reach their full potential and make a significant contribution to building a sustainable and inclusive future.

I firmly believe in Humans and their remarkable capacity for adaptation. Convinced that we can all tame and master Artificial Intelligence, I have developed tools so that Humanity is the master of this technology, and not a simple spectator. 


The time to act is today and now!


I therefore warmly invite you to join us, to embrace this movement, and to become Ambassadors ofHuman AIso that Artificial Intelligence is at the service of Humanity, to shape a future where technology and humanity coexist in harmony.

Our values

Accessibility and Inclusion
AI for all


Responsible innovation

Collaboration and partnership

Respect for privacy


Education and formation
in terms of AI



Data protection


The responsibility

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