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Mentoring refers to an interpersonal relationship of support, a relationship of help, exchange and learning, in which an experienced person, the mentor, offers his acquired wisdom and expertise in order to promote the development of another person, the mentee, who has skills or knowledge to acquire and professional objectives to achieve

  • P2E module

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Acculturation

  • Ikigaï finance

  • Finance training

Our mentoring program is divided into 5 modules:

     1. P2E

P2E - Entrep Student Programreneurs is a program that aims to encourage entrepreneurship created by Mohammed Premier University. Through a set of tools, the aim will be to promote project incubation and encourage creativity and innovation.

Action plan :

- Call for projects

- Evaluation and selection of projects

- Signature of the Incubation commitment

- Economic evaluation

- Support and follow-upi

​    2. Entrepreneurship training:

Well, when we talk about entrepreneurship, we are referring to starting an activity of which we ourselves are the initiator. More concretely, we can say that entrepreneurship refers to the fact of creating and developing a business and bring a project to life

Certain qualities and skills are nevertheless necessary for the success of an entrepreneurial project: organization, autonomy, rigor, the ability to evolve and bounce back are essential.

Entrepreneurship training for future entrepreneurs is a real safety net: it allows you to acquire all the skills necessary to become a good entrepreneur and avoid the pitfalls of starting a business.

    3. Acculturation:

Entrepreneurship is a way to both create wealth in order to redistribute it and realize your dreams.

    4. Ikigaï Finance

Finding your own meaning in your investments

    5. Finance training

The term finance refers to the way institutions, businesses and organizations acquire and invest capital. Finance is found in different areas such as banking, the stock market, the economy, but also public budgets.

This training helps you find your way around better and thus act according to your ikigaï.

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