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“Quality of Life and Working Conditions (QVCT)” training

The term QVCT designates a collective approach that can be carried out by a company, an association or a public structure and meets the following purposes:

  • a common ambition: to improve work to promote the well-being of people at work and contribute to the overall performance (operational, economic, social and environmental) of the organization,

  • scope of action: 6 key themes linked to work and conditions of achievement, to be approached progressively, making the link between them,

  • essential elements of the methodology to implement a structured QVCT approach, encourage everyone's participation and concretely test new ways of doing things.

QVCT was promoted by the social partners in the National Interprofessional Agreement (Ani) of December 9, 2020. This agreement supplements the Ani of June 19, 2013 on the quality of life at work.

Training program:

  • Ikigaï: Finding your life mission and meaning

  • Well-being in business: definition and challenges of happiness at work

  • From psychosocial risks to kindness at work.

  • Consistency with the company's values, culture and vision.

  • How digital impacts interpersonal relationships.

  • The challenges of the position in the face of societal expectations.

  • The correlation between happiness and performance.

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